CF: Flexible solutions for all of your transport needs.

Versatile. Flexible. Safe.

Powerful driving, exceptional and easy handling combined with the utmost in flexibility: The DAF CF offers a wide range of solutions for all of your transport needs. There are two options in terms of the engine, just like the XF: you have your choice of a 10.8 liter MX-11 or a 12.9 liter PACCAR MX-13, both of which feature the ultimate in fuel efficiency. The smallest option does its work at 1350 Nm torque, while the largest engine has a powerful 2600 Nm. Below you will find a summary of the highlights and technical data. If you have any other questions, you are welcome to contact us at any time!


  • 10.8 liter PACCAR MX-11 available with 299, 341, 367, 408 and 449 HP
  • 12.9 liter PACCAR MX-13 available with 428, 483 and 530 HP
  • To lower the truck's fuel consumption, the engines offer additional torque at low RPM in the top gear for direct-drive transmissions and in the top two gears for overdrive transmissions.


Technical data:


  • MX-11 220: 1,350 Nm
  • MX-11 251: 1,500 Nm
  • MX-11 270: 1,900 Nm
  • MX-11 300: 2,100 Nm
  • MX-11 330: 2,300 Nm
  • MX-13 315: 2,300 Nm
  • MX-13 355: 2,500 Nm
  • MX-13 390: 2,600 Nm



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