A passion that will win you over:
a one-of-a-kind service network in eastern Germany.

At Hiltl Fahrzeugbau GmbH, we emphasize values that last. And we’ve been doing it for 70 years. Our long-time customers trust our competence. In eastern Germany, we sell DAF trucks and provide a uniquely well-structured service network at four locations in the states of Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. Our branch offices in Leipzig, Stollberg, Grimma, Gera and Dresden are only some 70 kilometers apart from each other. This means that we offer a close-knit network of service partners beyond compare. Our family-operated company is managed by CEO Anna Holfelder, and it follows the standard her great-grandfather Hans Hiltl set: passionate about commercial vehicles – always. Trust us: we’re the commercial-vehicle specialists!

The traditional ties that bind:
four generations of expertise.

From the very beginning, we have focused all of our attention on commercial vehicles, and we are proud of that. The company’s founder, Hans Hiltl, turned his passion into his calling from 1946 onward when he opened his own business for repairing vehicles and engines. At Hiltl Fahrzeugbau GmbH, his passion endures to this day, 70 years later. The Holfelder family has maintained its expertise in the field of commercial vehicles for four generations.

Our standard is:
to get the most out of your DAF.

Your satisfaction is our priority: we make the most out of your DAF and create a flawless driving experience. We have not fulfilled our personal standard until you and your vehicle can do your job seamlessly and economically. To make this happen, our staff of over 350 employees throughout our corporate group support you with their passion for commercial vehicles. It doesn’t matter whether your truck is used for long-haul trips, distribution runs, the construction industry or heavy-duty transport – we offer a close-knit service network for your DAF with our five service companies.

Something you can depend on:
full service for your truck.

You put your heart and soul into your work, and we take care of the rest, working as hard as we can too. Your truck can be fully serviced at all of our sites. The work we do at our garages always keeps us one step ahead of the competition -- whether it’s maintenance, technical inspections, or refitting and retrofitting. You can rely on our used-vehicle service with confidence. Here you have your choice of over 200 commercial vehicles and will find the perfect used truck for your needs. You can also trade in your old truck at top conditions. And if you want to remain flexible, you can rent the vehicle you need from us – straightforward and simple. We are the ideal partner for everything from customizing your vehicle to maintenance to delivering. That’s something you can depend on!

The CF provides flexible solutions for transport needs of every kind. Among other things, your options include the three different kinds of cabs and three engines as well as many different configurations of the axles and chassis. No matter whether it is used in construction to transport cement or in distribution in the lumber industry, the CF is the perfect solution for multiple different uses, making it the all-round talent from DAF. The truck stands for outstanding drivability, maximal loads and excellent safety!

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The XF model will win you over with its economical efficiency and premium comfort for the driver. It is the perfect truck for long hauls. It leaves all of its predecessors behind with a brand-new chassis, comfortable space in the interior and an attractive exterior. This “marathon runner” wins every time, thanks to its efficient fuel consumption and low operating costs. In short, the DAF XF is the ideal truck for long hauls!

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Well-designed down to the smallest detail, the LF is the ideal choice for distribution. It sets compelling new standards in terms of payload, fuel efficiency and availability. It offers everything that drivers and operators expect from today’s distribution trucks. It can handle repeated starts and stops within a short period, is easy to maneuver and simple to load and unload. A large range of different engines, transmissions and axle ratios let you customize your truck to exactly the task and purpose you need!

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Best consultation.
Best conditions.
Best prices.

We have the right vehicle for every need. Our focus is on three main factors: quality, efficiency and price. We always offer you the best bids to meet your specifications. Make an appointment with one of our sales representatives today!

+49 3462 - 54 22 17 daf@hiltl-nutzfahrzeuge.de

The Noris Truck Center:
Top quality standards for used commercial vehicles

At the Noris Truck Center, you will always find a large selection of used commercial vehicles in outstanding condition. Place your confidence in one of southern Germany’s largest dealers of used commercial vehicles! With our many years of experience, your “new used truck” or “used new truck” is in the best of hands for everything from customized refitting or retrofitting, maintenance and repairs, leasing, financing and warranties all the way to installing a toll-collection on-board unit, registration and delivery.  Or perhaps you’d like to sell a used vehicle. Just give us a call: we promise fair prices, quick and straightforward paperwork and vehicle pickup throughout Germany!

+49 9187 - 40 900 800 noris-truck-center.de info@noris-truck-center.de

05/ 2018

Celebrating DAF's 90th anniversary:
the CF and XF models have been jointly named 2018 Truck of the Year

After earning the 2007 prize, another DAF has now won the highly coveted "Truck of the Year" award — but there was even more good news. The award went to two different models from the series. Both the XF and the CF won over the jury, which consisted of highly regarded trade journalists who regularly publish in magazines specializing in utility vehicles. These new trucks can hold their own against competitors thanks to the efficiency of their drivetrain and their performance, thus highlighting DAF's overall concept.

10/ 2017

The new LF City:
the updated distribution truck

The LF City features a small engine and a light load, with new drivetrains to give you the utmost in fuel efficiency. This new generation, which was redesigned like the interior and exterior of DAF CF and XF, is available in three different options: as a 3.8, 4.5 and 6.7 liter PACCAR engine. One of the most important innovations in the newly updated DAF LF is the 3.8 liter PACCAR PX-4 engine for the 7.5 ton version. This new aggregate comes in two power options of 156 HP and 172 HP. "The DAF LF's new engine was developed explicitly for light use in urban distribution traffic, and the 4-liter motor provides the optimal speed range," stated Anna Holfelder, CEO of Hiltl Fahrzeugbau GmbH. The LF City can now be ordered at any of the five DAF sites.

07/ 2017

Better than ever:
Presenting new models in the CF and XF series!

The wait was worth it: the new mid-weight and heavyweight models of the DAF series are now available and feature a brand-new look. The changes to the exterior of the CF and XF are minor, but the modifications inside have a major impact. Innovations in the engine, a new powertrain and optimized aerodynamics will make these vehicles the pride of any fleet, since fuel consumption has been lowered yet again – up to 7%. What’s more, future owners have plenty of other things to look forward to as well: greater carrying capacity, a more comfortable driving experience, minimal operating costs and maximal operating time! Interested? Just let us know. We have models of the current DAF generation on site for you.

High performance that you can count on:
competent consultation for your DAF.

We want your truck to run at its best. The wide-ranging portfolio of services we offer makes sure that your truck can get back to where it ought to be as soon as possible: the road. We sell new and used commercial vehicles and are the exclusive DAF dealer in eastern Germany. At Hiltl Fahrzeugbau GmbH, you not only find DAF spare parts, you can also rent commercial vehicles. Beyond that, we can also manage customized superstructures for your vehicle and offer round-the-clock International Truck Service roadside assistance. Last but not least, our portfolio includes trailer and semitrailer service. An overview of our service network:

Leipzig Gera Stollberg Grimma Dresden Altdorf Jessen Oschatz Kriebitsch Heinsdorfergrund Halle Herzogenaurach Roth Neumarkt

Hiltl Fahrzeugbau GmbH

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