Stralis X-WAY: the perfect custom-made combination of road driving and off-road use.

Custom-made. Mission-oriented. Powerful.

The Stralis X-Way combines the perfect blend of on-road and off-road use, pairing top IVECO technologies for driving in traffic with dependable off-road ruggedness. The X-Way has many versatile uses and a modular use-oriented concept which guarantees that your vehicle can be specifically modified to your individual needs, no matter whether you use it for transporting lumber, mixing concrete, as a skiploader, tipper trailer, dump truck, crane or drain cleaner. Its features include a larger load capacity, fuel efficiency and maximal performance! Not to mention that our customers will also have our patented IVECO HI-SCR exhaust-treatment system that meets Euro-VI/C standards and gives you more in terms of fuel savings and combustion efficiency! Below we have listed more of the highlights and technical data for you. If you have any other questions, you are welcome to contact us at any time!


The Stralis X-Way is equipped with top-efficiency engines and offers a wide range of Cursor motors for every task and need.

  • Ideal load capacity thanks to the 8.7 liter CURSOR 9 motor with up 400 HP and powerful 1,700 Nm — available with 310, 330 and 400 HP
  • The 11.1 liter CURSOR 11 motor available with 420, 460 and 480 HP  creates the perfect combination of torque and weight
  • For maximum performance, we recommend the 12.9 liter CURSOR 13 motor available with 510 or 570 HP
  • Brand new drivetrain design
  • Completely redefined performance and fuel efficiency
  • HI-SCR exhaust-treatment system lowers NOx content by 97%

Technical data:


  • CURSOR 9 310 PS: 1,300 Nm
  • CURSOR 9 330 PS: 1,400 Nm
  • CURSOR 9 360 PS: 1,650 Nm
  • CURSOR 9 400 PS: 1,700 Nm
  • CURSOR 11 420 PS: 2,000 Nm
  • CURSOR 11 460 PS: 2,150 Nm
  • CURSOR 11 480 PS: 2,300 Nm
  • CURSOR 13 510 PS: 2,300 Nm
  • CURSOR 13 570 PS: 2,500 Nm


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