TRAKKER: The perfect vehicle for offroad use.

Robust. Dependable. Convincing.

The TRAKKER E6 is the perfect vehicle for offroad use. There is no task you cannot handle with the Trakker. Insurmountable obstacles or extreme terrain are absolutely no problem. It was developed for the heaviest loads under offroad conditions. The rugged chassis is made of high-strength low-alloy steel.  No matter whether you use the truck for bulk good transport, concrete transport, clearing snow or special loads: It will always see you through. Below we have summarized other highlights and technical data for you. If you have any other questions, you are welcome to contact us at any time!


  • 8.7 liter CURSOR 9 motor available with 310, 330, 360 and 400 HP
  • 12.9 liter CURSOR 13 motor available with 410, 450 and 500 HP
  • Common rail injection system
  • Your choice of two frames
  • Super engine brake
  • ABS with off-road function
  • Optional features: Traction control system (TCS)

Technical data:


  • CURSOR 9 310 PS: 1,300 Nm
  • CURSOR 9 330 PS: 1,400 Nm
  • CURSOR 9 360 PS: 1,650 Nm
  • CURSOR 9 400 PS: 1,700 Nm
  • CURSOR 13 410 PS: 2,100 Nm
  • CURSOR 13 450 PS: 2,200 Nm
  • CURSOR 13 500 PS: 2,300 Nm


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